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Manufacturers & Mastic Sealant Compounds
What we do and what we use is essential in maintaining our market position.

Sika Sealant Manufacturer
Choosing the right materials are essential to maintain the integrity of most modern buildings..


Sika UK provides an entire range of products for the repair protection construction or sealing of buildings. With over 100 years in supplying products for construction and industry they are confident they can provided the perfect solution no matter what your require. Sika special sealant to be used in waste water treatment plants which can survive extremely severe conditions. Sika also produce joints sealant to help protect the environment especially ground water against contamination.


Swiftseal Mastic Sealant Applicators have been using Sika products for many years, is you require a specialist sealant range they can deliver. The Sikaflex range of sealant have been used by  professional sealant applicators on numerous top end projects the length and breath of the UK . The materials have a performance way beyond some of other competitors you find in the market place today. Swiftseal used Sikasil Pool to seal glass floor blokes part of a street sculpture in the middle of Liverpool 1 Town Centre .


 Sika Sealant Product Selection
 Natural Silicone | Acetoxy Silicone | MS Polymers | Acrylic Sealant | Polysulphide | Epoxy Sealant

  1.            Sika SG20                         Sikasil C                           Sanisil                          Sikaflex 15LM


  1.              Sikaflex TS plus                    Sikasil Pool                 Sikaflex Connection               Sika Fireate


What Sealant & Where
Swiftseal cover all aspects of Sealant Application..

Alternative Sealant Manufactures
Other products used by Sealant Applicators


Sika Ltd, the UK subsidiary of the worldwide Sika Group was established in 1927 and produces and markets a wide range of state-of-the-art systems. This activity is underpinned by unrivalled innovation in product development, the highest standards of manufacturing and renowned technical advice and in-situ guidance.

Sika Sikaflex Professional Range of silicone sealants have been a favorite with our lads and contractors alike . They are supplied in a 310ml tube which make them less cumbersome than the 400ml tube, especially when working in tight places.
These manufacturers have had a strong presence in industry that is critical to Mastic Sealant Application.