Swimming Pool Sealants

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Services & Materials
What we do and what we use is essential in maintaining our market position.

Submerged Pools and Tanking Sealants
Choosing the right materials are essential to maintain the integrity of pools and tanking systems.

Swimming pool and underground water tanks require that the mastic sealants must be capable of  retaining a great amount of "negative hydrostatic pressure". Negative hydrostatic pressure is under-ground water pressure that passes through the substrate and presses on the back side of the pool jointing system. Materials that Swiftseal uses are specifically designed to withstand hydrostatic pressure they have also  been developed with Fungitect Silver Technology that is harmless to health and is environmentally benign. They have an excellent weathering, ageing and UV and high notch resistance. They are also designed not to cause any migratory staining to the surrounding materials.

What Sealant Materials To Use
Swiftseal uses high quality products and materials in mastic sealant application.







These manufacturers have had a strong presence in industry for many years and have a proven track record..