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Manufacturers & Mastic Sealant Compounds
What we do and what we use is essential in maintaining our market position.

Fosroc Sealant Manufacturer
Choosing the right materials are essential to maintain the integrity of most modern buildings..

Fosroc International Ltd. provides constructive solutions for various projects in commercial, industrial, residential, marine, and infrastructure sectors. It offers cement and concrete technology solutions, such as cement additives, admixtures, corrosion inhibition, surface treatments, grouts and anchors; barriers, including waterproofing, sealants, gas, membranes, and fireproofing; repair and remediation, which include concrete repair mortars, crack injection resins, and corrosion control; and finishes, such as surface coatings, flooring, and adhesives.

Swiftseal Mastic Sealant Applicators have been using Fosroc products for many years, is you require a specialist sealant range they can deliver. The Nitoseal range of sealant have been used by  professional sealant applicators on numerous top end projects the length and breath of the UK . The materials have a performance way beyond some of other competitors you find in the market place today. Swiftseal used Nitoseal MS600 on the seal front at Southport Prom the floor joints needed a robust salt water resistant sealant in order to cope with the various harsh weather conditions. This materials easy to apply and achieves a quality finish.  

  Fosroc Sealant Product Selection
  Natural Silicone | Acetoxy Silicone | MS Polymers | Acrylic Sealant | Polysulphide | Epoxy

  1.     Fosroc Nitoseal Sealant Range
  2.                                                          MS60           MS100       MS300        MS600                          Expoflex 800      Hilastic LM

What Sealant & Where
Swiftseal cover all aspects of Sealant Application..

  • PVC Frames
  • Sanitary/ MRSA Applicatio
  • Pavement Joints
  • Fire Rated
  • Brick & Block Work Joints
  • Expantion Joints
  • Floor & Saw Cuts
  • Civil Engineering
  • Facade Joints
  • Immersed Conditions
  • High Trafficked

  • Alternative Sealant Manufactures

    Other products used by Sealant Applicators
  • Fosroc also offers car park decking. It offers services through a distributor and licensee network worldwide. The company was incorporated in 1969 and is based in Tamworth, United Kingdom with operations in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Fosroc International Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of JMH Group

    Expoflex 800 has been designed for sealing internal joints subject to heavy loading and
    abrasion, or where chemical resistance is required. Swiftseal uses this product in factories, warehouses and distribution centres.
    It is, particularly effective where there is forklift truck traffic. Expoflex 800 can also be used where joints would be subject to stiletto heels, shopping centres, podiums etc.
These manufacturers have had a strong presence in industry that is critical to Mastic Sealant Application